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Joining our loyalty program is simple, rewarding, and full of exclusive surprises.


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  • Register for our program and embark on your Empire State Building Observatory journey
  • Every purchase and visit gets you closer to elite rewards

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  • Every dollar spent at the observatory will earn you an additional point
  • Reaching certain point thresholds will upgrade your membership to a new status tier

Redeem & Enjoy

  • Turn your points into unforgettable moments such as enjoying 360-degree views of NYC
  • Collect one-of-a-kind Empire State Building NFTs, only available through the Ambassador Program

Limited Edition

Collectible Artwork

Each membership tier unlocks a free digital collectible with unique, limited edition artwork. Your collectible will live on the blockchain in a no-hassle, easy-to-use wallet.

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What are the digital collectibles?

How does my digital wallet work?

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